Senseries S32

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Senseries S32 Senseries Bluguard Alarm System Senseries S32 Senseries Bluguard Alarm System

Secure your home as a palace with Senseries S16N. A top notch security with an all new CapSense Technology system brings comfort and security at your fingertips.


- Voice Mailbox
8 dedicated voice mailbox or users to leave important messages to their love one.

- Intercom
Intercom between 4 keypads.

- Unique voice feedback
Reports on the status of each zone with a unique voice feedback system with customized vocabulary through the workings of control panel.

- Build-in Speaker
Able to update users the condition of the system.

- Easy Access Functions
One touch system with easy access function via local keypad or mobile.

- TCP/IP Interface
Allows monitoring via local PC, iphone, ipad, android or remote via software utilizing TCP/IP converter.

- Secure Lighting Surge
Secure lightning surge protection design up to 4KV.

- GSM Module Solution
Build in SMS reporting on the “system status report”

- Home Automation Control
Intergrated the home automation that automated your home appliances, lighting and air conditional. Built in On/Off Times, tele control and scene function to automate your home “Alive”.

- 16 zones coverage
16 programmable zones with optional expansion to 32 zones for wider security coverage.

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