BX_EN_Came_autogate_system Came Auto Gate System

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Bx is the right solution when automating sliding gates.
Thanks to highest levels of efficiency and safety provided by the control boards.
Bx is suited for numerous application contexts, both in residential and
apartment block settings. The series also offers several 24V versions to be used
for intense work loads, and is ideal where there are frequent power outages

The advantages of the 24V Bx
When the highest degree of comfort, performance and safety are
required, Bx’s 24V technology elevates the potential of the
operator, particularly:
> Blackouts no more
The 24V electronics automatically detects any absence of power and activates the
emergency back up batteries, to open and close the gate.
> Frequent passages
The low-voltage gearmotor guarantees functioning even in the harshest of working
conditions, such as in apartment blocks and in other collective settings.
> Quick openings
Adaptable to all needs, the 24V electronics enables the adjustment of the working speed
of the gate leaves and provides for a smooth, soft closing as well.
> Obstacle detection
A special electronic circuit constantly sweeps for any obstacles to the gate leaves,
and if needed stops or inverts the direction of movement.
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